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Overview of services

The stages on the road to DELTEX quality

Big-picture thinking combined with attention to the smallest detail – that’s our speciality as a textile supplier to the trade. Our product experience includes clothing for women, men, children and sport.

Value creation

As it progresses from initial concept to delivery to retailers, any product goes through a large number of stages at DELTEX. Each is subject to the highest quality requirements and standards. We have established an integrated process for handling all these production steps, with business divisions interlocking like cogwheels to ensure smooth functioning at every stage.

Product Management

As a full-service partner we have an exceptional, in-depth understanding both of individual products and of entire collections. To make sure we always live up to our customers’ demands for first-rate goods, we apply strict standards to the qualitative development of our products and to our ongoing improvement of production processes. In fact, we don’t just respond to the latest requirements of our customers – we also come up with our own concepts and visions, and develop these into product ideas.


From fashion and sport to accessories and decorations, our specialised Design Team creates individual styles based on the latest international trends and tailored to suit the individual customer’s requirements. Our designers are supported by experienced technicians in Germany and also in other countries. Together they keep a proactive, forward-looking eye on the fit and the cut, ensuring fashionable, functional clothing to suit any occasion.


When you manufacture textiles on a large scale, the responsibility is equally large. DELTEX only works with production facilities that meet stringent requirements in terms of social and working standards and environmentally friendly production. Both in Hamburg and in our main production countries, we employ staff to visit production facilities regularly and verify that they are adhering to the relevant standards. For more on sustainability, see page 16.

Order Management

Order management is the link between the customer and our production facilities. This is where all the information from the various departments comes together, along with the customer’s requirements. The assorted strands are bundled and processed, thereby guaranteeing smooth, frictionless manufacture in the production countries. With just the right mix of precision, speed and flexibility, plus extremely close collaboration with our teams in Asia, our processes are truly outstanding.


To supply the best possible product, our Quality Team supports and accompanies the development, preparation and production processes through to the on-site packaging of the finished goods. This includes an up-front analysis of each product in respect of potential quality risks. While certainly advantageous to our customers, such analysis is also commercially vital for DELTEX: the early identification of any potential risks or deficiencies saves us considerable expenditure arising out of claims or product reworking. Thanks to consistent cost control throughout the entire value creation chain, we are able to supply products that combine quality standards in line with market expectations with low costs.


Our Logistics Team handles the organisation of transport, customs clearance and delivery in respect of our products. Because of the complexity of the transport chain, the import side has now become particularly challenging to organise. Our logistics specialists make sure goods always arrive at their destination on schedule.

Deltex Products

With a feel for tomorrow’s market, we recognize textile trends for our customers and develop functional and fashionable clothing for every occasion. With the highest standards of quality and sustainability, we pay attention to every smallest detail and implement product ideas exactly as desired or develop entire themed worlds and the appropriate products ourselves.