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Celebrity endorsements

DELTEX References

Well-known faces can imbue collections with a particular Lustre and help our trading partners raise their profile still Further, especially in social media. And when vips lend their Names to products, top quality becomes more important than Ever. In this area, our cooperation partners appreciate the Value of working with deltex. While remaining mostly unseen by the end user, for our trading partners we are a constant, reliable presence, working in the background to guarantee quality and keep our processes seamless. Thereby giving our customers – and their high-profile cooperation partners – the opportunity to dazzle.

Sylvie Meis

TV Host

Sylvie Meis is one of Germany's best-known TV faces and hundreds of thousands of people follow what's new with Sylvie Meis on social networks alone every day. In 2020 Sylvie Meis and DELTEX started their first collaboration. The high-quality lingerie collection was born: From lingerie sets, to negligees with matching sleep mask, robes to pajamas. The collection offers everything you need for that all-around feel-good feeling. 

Daniel Aminati

TV Host

It began with a collaboration with TV presenter Daniel Aminati. To accompany his online slimming show “Mach dich krass”, in May 2017 ALDI SÜD presented an exclusive sport and fitness collection – designed and produced by DELTEX.

Dana Schweiger


As a mother-of-four, Dana Schweiger knows exactly how to recognise good children’s clothing. This is what inspired her collaboration with DELTEX on a brightly-coloured children’s collection for ALDI Nord and ALDI SÜD. A co-founder of the “bellybutton” label, Dana insisted that all materials used by environmentally compatible. The textiles are certified in accordance with the Organic Content Standard (OCS), and consist largely of organic cotton.

Sophia Thiel

Fitness blogger

Before long we had notched up our second highly successful collaboration, thanks to fitness blogger and influencer Sophia Thiel. The earlier sport collection had been exclusive to ALDI SÜD; the second, “SO FIT MIT SOPHIA” (“SO FIT WITH SOPHIA”), launched in April 2019 and also included branches of ALDI Nord and of Hofer in Austria. Social media star Sophia provided ample evidence of the “pulling power” of a major, well-established name: even the collection’s “making-of” video managed more than a quarter of a million clicks on social networks.

Julien Bam


Hot on the heels of fitness blogger Sophia Thiel, our next You- Tube star, Julien Bam, is already on the starting blocks along with his collection. Bam has over 5.7 million subscribers, making him one of Germany’s most successful content creators. With the “No brand needed” collection, the influencer aims to liberate young people from the pressure of the brand. “In my view, designer logos really don’t guarantee a cool style,” he explains. “And that’s exactly what I want to express with my collection for Aldi Süd.” The casual streetwear collection includes long-sleeved tops, t-shirts, jog pants, hoodies and sneakers.